Project Description

This iMacs’ internal hard drive failed. The Apple Store gave our client the advice to buy a new Mac because this one was six years old and they typically don’t do repairs when a computer is that old because other stuff might fail etc…. SillyCar Design was able to install a 250GB SSD Drive (Solid State) which is an upgrade to the failed traditional hard drive because it has no moving parts. We installed the drive with a Newer Tech AdaptaDrive aluminum frame because the new drive is smaller. The aluminum frame combined with the smaller lighter drive makes the iMac run cooler because there is more space around the drive and it doesn’t generate as much heat as a drive with moving parts. We also installed an OWC fan control sensor to make the new drive fully compatible with all of the Mac OS operating system requirements. The fans and other internal components that tend to gather dust were all cleaned while the iMac was open as well. The iMac is now up and running faster and quieter than before and should last a good long time.

IT Services by SillyCar Design.
Hard Drive replacement with Upgraded SSD Drive by SillyCar Design.
Computer internals cleaned by SillyCar Design.