Project Description

This is the first aerial video ever shot by SillyCar Design. Sensei Jeff Melander of Red Dragon Karate School was kind enough to volunteer to give us something cool to shoot and the band I The Mighty was also kind enough to allow us permission to use their song Echoes from their album Satori. I The Mighty is highly recommended by SillyCar Design! This one was a lot of fun and though it’s not the most polished video, it does have it’s moments and the sound track is great! We do wish we were able to get a few more shots before we were asked to leave the park because our drone was somehow considered an invasion of privacy…. do you see anyone’s privacy getting invaded in this video? Neither do we. But we were very thankful to get what we got and think we produced a decent video from it. Not bad for a first try…. Enjoy!

Graphic Design by SillyCar Design.
Custom graphics and animation by SillyCar Design.
Aerial Photography/Videography by SillyCar Design.
Video and sound effect editing by SillyCar Design.