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BARC :: Ballston Area Recreation Commission


In the spring of 2018, Joel was selected for a part time position at the Soccer Commissioner for BARC. This resulted in some other projects presenting themselves. In addition to creating a new BARC logo together with Executive Director, Nora Osuchowski, SillyCar Design has created other logos, signage and banners and has been able to […]

SillyCar Design :: Banners


Banners are one of the most fun things we create here at SillyCar Design. There’s nothing cooler than seeing seeing your artwork on a huge scale! We offer different thicknesses and many options on our banners including grommets, pole pockets and more. Some examples of our banners are shown on this page.

Graphic Design by SillyCar […]

Melander’s Martial Arts Academy :: Website Design, Logo and Branding


SillyCar Design was asked to create a new logo and website for Melander’s Martial Arts Academy when Sensei Jeff Melander returned to New York after some time working at Safety America Karate in Sugarland, Texas. We were very honored to be asked again after having created a logo and website together with Sensei Melander […]

Sokolowski’s Greenhouses :: Website Design, Logo and Branding


SillyCar Design was asked to create a new logo and website for Sokolowski’s Greenhouses on Grooms Road in Clifton Park. We were very happy to have been chosen as Sokolowski’s was one of the few clients who found us on the web and was not referred to us by an existing client. We were […]

SillyCar Design Football Club :: Logo Design


When SillyCar Design decided to sponsor a BARC soccer team for the first time in 2017, it was the perfect opportunity to design a new logo. We wanted to make something cool because we know our name is something kids might think is “silly” and certainly not cool. We went for a logo design that […]

Goodway Earth Works :: Logo Design


SillyCar Design designed this logo for Larry Goodwin of Goodway Earth Works who wanted a better looking business card than the ones he had created himself. We also handled the printing for him. We did a subtle gloss UV spot varnish on the pieces of grass in the logo to make them pop a bit on the […]

SillyCar Design :: Promotional Items


SillyCar Design can create lots of promotional items for your business. There are a few examples on this page. Don’t see what you’d like to create? Give us a call and ask, we can probably help!

Graphic Design by SillyCar Design.
Printing handled by SillyCar Design.

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